GetonAgain, briefly named GOA, founded in 1993, major business is to provide “Six Modernizations” products and services for the industry: Design Computerization, Production Automatization, Machine Intellectualization, Manufacturing Networking, Management Informatization, and Enterprise Digitization.

GOA is a high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, production and sales. She has own intellectual-right products, which are: Industry Enterprise ERD +IIoT system, Vocational Education TPEC system, 3D-CAD system, Intelligent Cutting and Sewing system, Tufting Arts Workstation, etc.

GOA invested and established Tianjin Richpeace in 2006, and sold 65% equity to SGG in 2018.

Besides his self-managing business, GOA also distributes Richpeace full-line products and Chinese superior quality industry products and professional equipment. 

再登集团(GOA Group)的旗舰企业是天津市再登科技有限公司,旗下的 8 家企业是:

1. 工业物联网(IIoT)分公司(天津);

2. 管理信息化(ERD)分公司(忻州);

3. 设计电脑化(CAD)分公司(深圳);

4. 东莞分公司;

5. 山西分公司;

6. 再登科技(香港)有限公司(管理海外机构);

7. 深圳市再登科技有限公司(进出口);

8. 北京凯德凯姆科技有限公司(面向职业教育)。