Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam-SewEmb Production Line is launched successfully

Online PerLam-SewEmb Launch


On November 16th, the online launch of Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam-SewEmb Production Line was successfully held online onTiktok. During the live broadcast, the interaction in the live broadcast room was hot, which once pushed the atmosphere of the launch to a climax!

"Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam-SewEmb Production Line", which breaks through many key technologies in the industry from single machine automation to whole process automation. The production line can automatically complete four processes such as perforation, lamination, sewing and embroidery. Only one operator is required for the five stations of the whole line, which greatly save the labor, and ensures the consistency and stability of product quality by the production line.

Ms.Summer (India Manager) introduce the leather lamination machine

Ms. Nicole (Bangladesh Manager) introduce the production line